The Hi-tech Hospital has most advanced fully equipped with LAMINAR AIR FLOW which provides clean environment and minimizes the infection rate and large size ultra modern well updated TWO operation theatres; any surgeon of high repute would be pleased to perform surgery in such a Theatre. It is one of the most self- contained operation theatre complex, with fully equipped post operative care zone.Hi Tech hospital has 2 main operation theatres which are equipped with the latest instruments and gadgets necessary for patient care.

We have a perfect team of doctor in our hospital. We have many dedicated doctors for best treatment. This helps our patients. Our team believes in providing high standards of treatment and medical facilities for the middle-class society.With the nationalized Facilty we have the Quality Team of the Doctors, in every Department of our Hospitals. With the Help of our these Well Qualified and Expirenced Doctor's ,we are able to achive success in saving the lives of the Patients and Serving the Humanity through the medium of our hospital.