With The Blessings Of My Teacher/Guide

  • Professor Rakesh Bhargav

    Professor Rakesh Bhargav

    (Head Of The Department)
    (NIIMS Medical College, Jaipur)

  • Dr.K.C.Gagal


    (M.S Ortho
    Trauma $ Joint Replacement Surgeon)

  • Dr.Honey Nischal

    Dr.Honey Nischal

    (M.D.General Medicine)
    (Senior Physician )

  • Dr. Sweta Kamdar

    Dr. Sweta Kamdar

    (BDS Dental surgeon)

  • Dr.Anil gupta

    Dr.Anil Gupta

    (M.S. Ortho. $ AIIMS Fellow)
    (Joint Replacement Surgeon )

  • Dr.Ashish Jaiman

    Dr.Ashish Jaiman

    (M.S.Ortho.,Joint Replacement
    & Trauma surgeon)

  • Dr.Avinash Mittal

    Dr.Avinash Mittal

    (M.S general Surgery)
    (Laparoscopic surgeon)

  • Dr.Piyush Sharma

    Dr.Piyush Sharma

    (MPT Ortho.)

  • Dr.Rita Gupta

    Dr.Rita Gupta

    (Eye Surgeon)

  • Dr.Anoop Jhurani

    Dr.Anoop Jhurani

    (Joint Replacement surgeon)

  • Dr.Sunil gupta

    Dr.Sunil gupta

    (M.D anaesthesia)
    (Senior Critical Care Specialist)

  • Dr.Avadh Agarwal

    Dr.Avadh Agarwal

    Senior Urologist )

  • Dr.R.P Gupta

    Dr.R.P Gupta

    (M.S optho.),
    (Senior Eye Surgeon)

  • Dr.Arvind Gupta

    Dr.Arvind Gupta

    (Trauma& Joint Replacement Surgeon)

  • Dr.Vikas jain

    Dr.Vikas jain

    (MD .,physician,general medicine)

  • Dr.Anil Gupta

    Dr.Anil Gupta

    (M.S general)
    (laparoscopic surgeon)

  • Dr.Nepo Vidhyarthi

    Dr.Nepo Vidhyarthi

    (MCH Plastic Surgeon)

  • Dr.Ritesh Modi

    Dr.Ritesh Modi

    ( BDS.,MDS.(Prosthetic))
    (Implant Dental Surgeon)

  • Dr.Naresh Khandelwal

    Dr.Naresh Khandelwal

    ( BDS.,MDS.(Ortho.)

  • Dr.Naveen Sharma

    Dr.Naveen Sharma

    (Sports & Arthroscopic Surgeon)

  • Dr.Ghanshyam Agarwal

    Dr.Ghanshyam Agarwal


  • Dr. Naveen

    Dr. Naveen

    (Resident Doctor)

  • Dr. Sumit Yadav

    Dr. Sumit Yadav

    (Resident Doctor)

  • Dr.Prakash Mehra

    Dr.Prakash Mehra

    (Resident Doctor)

  • Dr.Sunil


    (Resident Doctor)

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    Our Hospital Team

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    Our Hospital Team

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    Dental Team

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